Melissa Walker, artist statement

Melissa Walker Artist Statement

I find the intuitive experimentation and discovery involved in creating abstract art very challenging. Working with acrylic and collage allows me work quickly and keeps my artwork fresh and loose. Building layers with collage, and adding gestural lines, as well as journaling and stamping are just some of the techniques I currently incorporate into my art.

My current series is an outgrowth of earlier work. I have chosen to incorporate nautical charts as collage in my paintings. It is a way to remind me of the many pleasant hours I have spent in and around the water. One of my earliest works in this series, “Lost at Sea #1, brought back one memory in particular. While helping to ferry a 35’ sailboat to Charleston, SC, we were caught in a storm off the coast. In this painting I have tried to capture the memories of waves crashing over the boat, the wind howling and nothing but the vast ocean in sight. I am illustrating the essence of the ocean and the areas around it by depicting atmospheric conditions and times of day without creating a realistic view. I bring the viewer into the artwork with titles that repeat locations on the charts in many of the paintings. Each artwork is open to the individual viewer’s interpretation. Some will see the image as a birds eye view, much as you would view a map or look at the earth from an airplane. Others will see the same painting as a landscape, with the traditional sky, horizon line and water. It is up to you to choose how you view each work of art.

I relish the interaction of colors and shapes on a surface, the tension between lights and darks, and the blended edge versus the hard line. I look forward to the process of creating paintings filled with energetic layers of varied textures and patterns and rich color. Adding references to land and seascape brings additional interest to each painting. I hope that you enjoy looking at my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.